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Inch by Inch and Foot by Foot

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

So, my wife has a had back problems for some time. In fact it was so bad at one point, she ended up having a spinal fusion surgery right after our honeymoon! We've always desired to live as healthy as possible. Through food, we decided we wanted to grow our own so we could trust the source as well as how it was grown. I had a plan for a massive multitiered garden out back. Wood and stone barriers, bird cage, self irrigated and like 30 different crops. My wife...however, as usual, had other plans of how she wanted to start.

Due to her back problems, she researched ways to garden that would be easier on her back. What we landed on is something called Raised Bed Square Foot Gardening. Now Square Foot Gardening isn't anything new, just a recently spotlighted trend. It's especially useful for people who like me, for 10 years lived in Brooklyn where the front or backyards are about 3 sqt...if you have one lol I actually grew my first plants appropriately named Strawberry and Basil on my fire escape over Nostrand Ave with the gentle vibrations of the A train massaging their roots and its soothing ambiance of busy New Yorkers reminding them to HURRY UP AND GROW lol

Anyway, she found that this type of gardening was a method some older people used and found much more success in less strain on their backs. This is also great due to my wife's ADHD journey. It's easy to organize and keep track of without having to focus much. So in keeping with the new direction of our brand purpose, "Expanding and Cultivating the Lifestyle of Food", join us as we take you on our inch by inch journey of The Stainable Life.

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Looking forward to following the journey and gaining some practical tips I can apply!

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