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Campfire Food Recipe (Using Fire to Make Delicious Food)

So the Canadian Wildfires have us stuck inside, again. What's crazy, my kids smelled it when I took them for a walk. I on the other hand, figured it was one of the other random things happening in our neighborhood. Guess my kids CAN be right sometimes...Oh Canada...I need outside to get a break from my kids and here you go starting fires pushing us BACK inside *Shakes Fist* lol

However, the smell of what's happening outside reminds me of when I went camping for the first time. I was taught how to make a dish that's simple to make, quick to cook and easily affordable. I actually still make it for my family to this day! You probably have some or all of these ingredients in your garden, pantry or fridge. One reason campers use them, is most of them are hearty enough to survive without refrigeration. So, lets make a camping classic right in your kitchen.



2ea Any Potato (Medium or large)

1ea Carrot

1ea Any Onion

2ea Chopped Garlic Cloves

1/4hd Green Cabbage

1/2 lbs Dried sausage (or any meat you catch. You can also use Kielbasa or polish sausage)

4 sprigs Thyme

2 tbsp Olive Oil

To taste Salt

To taste Pepper

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 Degrees. Line a sheet pan with foil

  2. Dice potatoes, peel and dice carrots & Onions

  3. Chop garlic, cabbage and dice sausage or cut whatever you catch into medium sized pieces

  4. Combine all ingredients onto the foil lined pan and cover with foil

  5. Bake until the potatoes are tender

One of the great things about this recipe, you can put literally ANYTHING into this that you have. Any loose veggies or meat. The only caution I would make is putting fish into the dish, I would cook that separate. If not, you will overcook the fish before the other carrots cook through. If you're out in the field, you can wrap the entire thing in foil and place it in the wood at the base of the fire. Here are some other easy campfire recipes!

Enjoy and Stay Safe!


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